Below is some useful information about the server and its plugins, more stuff may be added later.

Make use of our chat system! Simply @username to tag a player, this will ping them. You can also @staff if you need assistance. Abuse of this will result in removal of permissions for it.

/bp - This is your personal backpack space, and can be accessed at any time with the command. You can get more space with donator ranks.

/gts - This is the Global Trading System, you can buy and sell items with this. You can sell items with [/b]/gts add[/b] or use /gts help to view all commands.

/esb - Controls the Interface on the right side of the screen. You can use /esb hide to hide it or /esb show to show it again.

/wiki - You can use this to look at virtually all information regarding a particular Pokemon, without even leaving the game! The format is /wiki <pokemon> <info> You can use tab to view the different information you can request.

/wt - We have Wondertrade installed. You can trade in your pokemon and get a random pokemon out of the pool in exchange. The format is /wt <slot> and then confirm it.

/pd - The commands and info for PokeDex rewards can be found at /warp Dex in game. There is also more information on the kits each PokeDex rank has here.

/endbattle - Ends your current battle, useful for when stuck in a glitched battle.

/tradesim - Simulates a trade, allows you to evolve Pokemon that require being traded.

/checkspawns - Allows you to check the pokemon that can spawn around and the chances of them spawning.
You can also use /checkspawns legendary to see legendaries and the time until next spawn attempt.

/cosmetics - This is a custom command that I made to replace the cosmetic aspect of PokeBuilder. It allows you to change your Poke's ball and growth.

/safetrade - A private trading system that allows you to trade pretty much anything for anything. A safer and better system than the default pixelmon one.

/hunt - Shows you what pokemon are in the Global Hunt! Take part in this and earn rewards.

/apply - Shows you where and how to apply for a position on the server.

/discord - Provides you with a link to the official Prismatic Discord server.

/eggsteps - This shows how many steps you have on your eggs. This can only be used by Trainer rank and above which can be obtained with 10% dex.