The Opening Week

By [Owner] BobGamingHD a - Posted Nov 4, 18

So, the server's officially been open to the public for over 7 days and a lot has happened.

This changelog only began on the 1st November so it doesn't contain everything but I'll highlight the main point.

Server Host

Today, I completed the move from our Dedicated Server rented from Hetzner located in Germany. While Hetzner offer cheap hardware, their network isn't the greatest and the location was causing problems for our north american players. We have moved to Shared Hosting with a server located in Montreal, Canada. Shared Hosting may seem a big downgrade from a Dedicated Server but let me explain why it suits the server better. The first reason is that this server is cheaper, we weren't even using 1/3rd of the Dedicated Server's memory so it makes no sense to be paying the premium for it. Donations will keep the server up longer this way. The second reason is that managing my own server adds additional workload while I'm already trying to run Prismatic with limited free time. The third reason, and this was the main reason, is that the server host utilizes a much better network and location for the playerbase as whole. I hope this provides a better experience for everyone.

This move explains the downtime on the evening of 03/11/2018 through the morning of 04/11/2018.


I have carried out many player suggestions this week, as I look towards maintaining a steady playerbase in the long run player suggestions are vital.

Please, if you have anything to suggest it can be put in the Suggestions channel of the Discord or the Suggestions section of the forum. You'll get a faster response on Discord.

The rest of changelog is below, I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think of the updates.


- Modified Spawn Shop layout to allow for two extra Shopkeepers.
- Added Evolution Stone Shopkeeper to the Spawn Shop.
- Added ClearLag plugin and changed message.
- Un-Spookified the Spawn (Removed Cobwebs and Jack-O-Lanterns).
- Smoothed out the terrain around spawn.
- Removed Barrier around spawn, this may be added back at a later date if needs be.
- Repaired Spawn Shop building (I broke it with the brush tool).
- Legendary Spawn Chance decreased from 0.46 to 0.44.
- Shiny Spawn Rate Increased from 1/3096 to 1/2596.
- Added Held Items Shop Keeper to the Spawn Shop.
- EV Training Area Opened (/warp EV)
- Reduced Allocated Memory from 16000MB to 8000MB. This is an experimental change in preparation for a host switch however it seems to have significantly reduced the frequency of lag spikes the occur. (Most likely due to Java's Garbage Collection)
- Server host switched, now on a Canadian host using NVMe SSDs (Should make /rtp a breeze). This is to provide a better experience to our large north american playerbase. With their superior network the experience should also be sufficient for Europeans.
- Migrated from using default shopkeeper file names and types, I was lazy and this was a terrible idea. Could of proved a huge annoyance during Reforged updates and also meant I was limited to the six we had. I have restored the default shopkeepers and renamed all custom ones appropriately.
- Changed votifier port and updated on all lists as default was taken. (This has the potential to create some issues with voting, contact me)
- Nerfed spawn rates for all wild trainers. People were exploiting Team Rocket Trainers for easy money, so with this update their spawn rarity has been changed from 30.0 to 2.0. Other trainers have been changed by around 5-10 rarity. If there aren't enough wild trainers this may be changed again later.
- Changed AFK Time to Kick from 1200 seconds to 600 seconds.
- Changed Server & Discord logos back to the normal, none spooky logo.
- Added Holograms back to Spawn.
- Removed the message to the user and the broadcast that occurs for each vote. There will now only be messages and a broadcast when the user has voted on all server lists. This helps reduce the obnoxious amount of spam received when voting. Rewards for voting are now shown on the vote page of the website.
- Added Pokemon to the Donation Store.
- Added Soothe Bell to the Held Items Shopkeeper.
- Added Experience Bottles to the Held Items Shopkeeper.
- Added forum post link to the /warp Dex board with information on what the Dex kits contain
- Buffed money rewards for last two PokeDex Ranks. 90% Increased from $0 to $500,000 and 100% Increased from $500,000 to $2,000,000

Expect updates to slow down from today, my holiday is over and the server is entering a (hopefully) more stable state.

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